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The kitchen has always been my second home.
Strange as it may sound, it has always been the place
where I felt most comfortable and relaxed.

Baking is my niche. I was (and still am) the official birthday cake maker for family and friends, and fell in love with the art of baking even more after culinary school. I’ve had dreams about opening up a bakery. However, with the myriad of specialty cupcake and bake shops sprouting up all over the U.S., I didn’t think I had a chance to compete with them. However, early in 2009, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and my world turned upside down – in a good way! I now had a focus and new mission to baking – Gluten Free!

I spent several years mastering the perfect blend of wholesome, gluten free flours to create a finished product with superb taste and texture. Unlike many gluten free products on the market today, XO Baking Co.™ is the first company to use Organic Coconut Flour in every single product. After I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I was determined to create baked goods that tasted like it contained gluten, just like the ones I used to eat growing up. I thought to myself, why should I, or anyone with Celiac disease, have to sacrifice taste? I had a mission. I was more determined than ever to create a product line that people with and without celiac disease or gluten intolerance would enjoy. Bottom line – the taste and texture had to be spot on.

Fast forward to present day, I believe I have accomplished just that. I sincerely hope you enjoy all of XO Baking Co.™ delicious products and share the love with your whole family.

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Lindsey Braham, CHC

She knows what she’s talking about

XO Baking Co.™ owner Lindsey Braham is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, professional chef and baker, an accomplished athlete/marathon runner and marathon training coach and is a Black Belt! Lindsey has been coaching and running marathons for over 10 years and doing Crossfit for 9 years, and during that time, has learned the role that a healthy diet plays in the success of an athlete. She has used this knowledge to teach others the role a balanced diet and lifestyle play in overall health and wellness.

Lindsey received her Bachelors degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley and is a graduate of the Westlake Culinary Institute where she studied under Chef Cecilia de Castro. Lindsey worked as a Nutritionist at UCLA’s Clinical Research Center for over 4 years. She received her training and certification as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.
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